Michigan Association of Police

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

After nearly four decades with their former Union, Northville Township Police, Dispatch, and Records Clerks changed their representation to Michigan Association of Police (MAP) for individualized attention and to improve their Local Board members’ Union knowledge.

The 38-member unit joined MAP in August 2023, parting ways with Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM), whom they were with since their Local Union’s inception. Northville Township Police Officers Association (POA) Local Union President Justin Norlock said his group desired a more modern approach to representation that MAP offered. They wanted a Union that would be “… a little bit more attentive to what was going on in our Township and having a more personal feeling than just kind of a number.”

“We looked at several Unions around here,” Norlock said. “Really what impressed us (about MAP) was the training – the ability to train new Stewards and people getting into the Union overall. We felt our education lacked and that this was a way to assist us growing our knowledge base of Union representation. As a whole, we felt that MAP offered us the best opportunity for that to occur.”

With their former 5-year contract expiring Dec. 31, 2023, Northville Township Police, Dispatch and Clerks jumped at the opportunity to change representation before their next contract negotiations. MAP Director Chad Trussler helped the group with the Union transition process as well as their first MAP-represented contract, effective Jan. 1, 2024.

Northville Township POA received 9 percent raises over the next 3 years and several other monetary improvements. Dispatchers and Records Clerks receive an annual stipend of $2,400 on top of the wage increases.

“We increased the stipend to $2,400 per year for Dispatch and Records Clerks with the major addition being a 3 percent Employer contribution into all Employees 457 contribution funds for hours worked,” Norlock said. “We did not have that before. We are still in a Defined Benefit plan through MERS. This is on top of our contributions into our Defined Benefit retirement.”

Another newly added benefit was a Shift Differential of 1.5 percent of Employees’ base wages for working midnights. “We never had one before. We have a 12-hour schedule so any hours worked in between … days into night, those hours also get the Shift Differential,” he said.

Along with their existing 12 paid Holidays, Employees now receive 1-1/2 times their pay for working their regular shift on a Holiday and double time pay for being called into work on a Holiday. Sick Time increased from 8 hours accrued per day to 12 hours accrued per day and Sick Time Payout for separation increased from 360 hours to 480 hours. The Higher Education Stipend was also raised to match whatever the IRS is allowing to be matched that year. In 2024, that amount is $5,500.

The Employer will now contribute 25 percent of the IRS cap to Employees’ who participate in the high deductible health care plan effective Jan. 1 of each year of the contract. “So this year the high deductible for the family plan is $3,200 and the Employer will give you $800 this year,” Norlock said. “The deductible is $1,600 for singles this year, but they will get $400 on their HSA card from the Employer.”

From joining MAP to negotiating their first contract filled with added benefits, Northville Township POA members are extremely pleased with their new representation.

“It was kind of emblematic of what we expected and hoped for,” Norlock said. “Chad is very attentive and able to give us answers. He is knowledgeable about the areas of concern and really understands how we want to operate. We are pro-working together in the room versus your typical ‘angry and fight it out all the time’ way of thinking. (MAP) fostered a collaborative effort versus an ‘us versus them’ mentality.”