Michigan Association of Police

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Lathrup Village Police Officer Bob Fisher has brought a wealth of experience to the department as a retired Beverly Hills Police Detective. One of those experiences was with Michigan Association of Police (MAP).

“Beverly Hills POA was with MAP, and we went back and forth to another union,” said Fisher, the Local Union President of Lathrup Village Police Officers Association. “I always had the best service from MAP and I know (MAP Executive Director) Fred Timpner. When I first started with MAP in 1996, Fred and (former MAP Labor Relations Specialist) Ron Palmquist were the two contacts.”

Lathrup Village Police Officers had been with the same former union as Beverly Hills POA for close to two decades before voting unanimously in October 2023 to switch their representation to MAP.

“I’m the new President and I came from another department where I served over 25 years and worked with another union and MAP, and some of our (Lathrup Village) Officers were not getting response back from their union when they called,” Fisher said. “I started explaining what great service I received from MAP while working in Beverly Hills.”

The 10-member unit is made up of full-time and part-time officers. Fisher, who returned to law enforcement after a year and a half hiatus, began working for Lathrup Village PD part time until another officer retired and he accepted a full-time position. Lathrup Village Police changed representation well in advance of their contract expiring in December 2024.

“There’s a lot of language we want to clean up,” Fisher said. “The current status is we’re working with MAP and the group to determine if we want to request the contract be opened early.”

In late November, MAP Director Chad Trussler and MAP Business Agent Chris Belling scheduled a second visit with group members.

“It was a general meeting just to make acquaintances with some of the members that couldn’t make it to the first meeting,” Fisher said. “We had that meeting last night and all day today I’ve been receiving text message from members about how great the meeting went with Chad and Chris.”

Fisher made note of the fact that the question and answer session was just days before Thanksgiving. “It was good, especially near the holidays, for them to take the time out,” he said. “Everybody was very happy with the progress of the meeting last night. This is new experience for them. MAP has very good communication.”

He also commended MAP officials with easing the transition between unions.

“I was impressed with just how professional and how easy the process was,” Fisher said. “Chad guided us through the elections – how to vote correctly and get them in on time. What great guidance we had from MAP and Chad.”