Michigan Association of Police

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Birmingham Police Officers had been with their former union for decades, but Michigan Association of Police (MAP) has given them a fresh perspective on Union services that works better for them.

The 32-member unit joined MAP in April 2022, parting ways with the Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM).

“We just weren’t receiving adequate representation,” said Josh Bouchard of Birmingham Police Officers Association. “I’ve been the Union President for four years now. We were with them probably since I was born. It’s been a long time, at least 20 years, and it could definitely be more.”

Their contract expires June 30, 2022, so MAP Director Chad Trussler got to work immediately organizing negotiations meetings. Bouchard said the group’s interactions with Trussler have been so impressive that he considers Trussler the primary reason Birmingham POA joined MAP.

“He worked for Beverly Hills, a neighboring department to us, and all of the older guys are friends with Chad,” Bouchard said. “Once they got wind we were starting to shop around, we met with Chad and a couple others from MAP and we’ve been happy with them ever since.”

Bouchard said his unit was particularly interested that MAP goes the extra mile providing numerous training opportunities for Local Stewards on topics such as grievance procedures and contract interpretation.

“Just with the meeting between Chad and (MAP Executive Director) Fred (Timpner), we were impressed with what MAP had to offer,” Bouchard said. “We realized how short POAM was falling when it came to what they were offering us.”

There was absolutely no comparison when it came to communication.

“We have another meeting next month with MAP,” Bouchard said. “I’ve been in contact with Chad once or twice a week, Fred as well. That’s just something we didn’t receive with POAM.”