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Orlando Police Airport Division is hiring 50 law enforcement officers for the position of Airport Operations Officer.

While this position is considered permanent part-time by the City, Orlando Airport Operations Officer positions are considered full-time law enforcement by the State of Florida. This is a fully sworn law enforcement position with the Orlando Police Department with three 12-hour shifts per week. The position allows for work over 36 hours by choice of the Employee. There are currently 10 Overtime slots per day available to sign up for. The position is open to all who qualify, including retired and newer officers.

The starting pay is $23.78 per hour ($44,500 per year based on 36 hours) with an 8.5 percent raise after one year of employment to $25.81 hourly. Raises come annually on the officer’s anniversary date as determined by Human Resources with this year’s raise at 5 percent.

The State of Florida will reimburse any out of state or federal law enforcement officers for Equivalency of Training (EOT) up to $1,000. This four to 10-day course is required to transfer a law enforcement officer into Florida and prepare them for the State exam. If the officer has never worked in Florida before, the State is currently awarding a $5,000 bonus to those officers, and the State pays the income tax on that bonus.

Anyone can apply for these positions prior to going through EOT. Extra duty work is also available at the airport, with pay ranging from $55 to $70 per hour. Airport Operations Officers are also able to work extra duty details elsewhere in the City of Orlando where a watch commander (Lieutenant) or higher rank is the detail commander, including, but not limited to: City of Orlando events, Orlando Magic games, Orlando City soccer games, concerts, football games and many events at the Universal parks.

Officers are provided with uniforms and equipment and there are many fringe benefits, medical, dental, and life insurance and retirement benefits.

Please click here for the Airport Operations Officer Application and Information.
Please click here for the Equivalency of Training website.