Michigan Association of Police

Elections to fill two vacant House seats will be held April 16th, determining if Democrats or Republicans will control of the chamber for the rest of the year. The House is currently split evenly by party 54-54. The vacancies are in House Districts 13 and 25 where Democratic Representatives stepped down after winning their mayoral races.

When legislators return after spring break during the week of April 9, finalizing the state’s fiscal year 2025 budget will be a priority since the deadline to submit the budget bills to the Governor is July 1.

On March 27, a federal judicial panel implemented the Independent Citizens Redistricting Commission's (ICRC) redrawn House districts 1-14 and 16 for the 2024 elections. All 110 House districts are up for reelection in November. Next, the ICRC will begin work to remap Senate districts 1, 3, 6, 8, 10, and 11, as mandated by the panel.

Organizations that pay a lobbyist agent, such as Karoub Associates, to lobby public officials on their behalf are required to have an up-to-date lobby registration on file with the State of Michigan Bureau of Elections. Amendments are necessary when there are any changes to the information on file, such as the organization’s name, address, and/or signatory (the individual who certifies all information is accurate and who is the point person for the state and Karoub regarding all lobby registration and reporting activites). Karoub Associates will update this information for clients.

To see if your organization’s lobby registration information is current and for additional infomation about these legislative matters, click here to view the March 2024 Karoub Report.