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Karoub Associates released the November 2023 Karoub Report detailing the passage of legislation before the Michigan Legislature adjourned for the year.

This week, the Legislature approved a package of energy bills that align with Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s MI Healthy Climate Plan. After the Governor signs SB 271, SB 273, SB 502, SB 519 and SB 277, Michigan will require 60 percent of utility electricity generation come from renewable sources by 2035 and 100 percent of utility electricity generation meet an overall comprehensive clean energy standard by 2040. Once signed by the Whitmer, HB 5210 and HB 5122 would transfer some sitting authority over large solar and wind projects from local government to the Michigan Public Service Commission.

“With passage of these game-changing bills, Michigan will become a national leader on clean energy. These bills will help us make more clean, reliable energy right here in Michigan, creating tens of thousands of good-paying jobs, and lowering utility costs for every Michigander by an average of $145 a year," Whitmer said. "Getting this done will also reduce our reliance on foreign fuel sources, while protecting our air, water, and public health. Today we are protecting everything we know and love about pure Michigan.”

Once signed into law by the Governor, SB 613-616 requires legislators, top statewide executives, and candidates to file annual financial disclosure reports. Under SB 374, a lawmaker cannot be seated if they have not filed a financial disclosure report.

The Michigan Legislature passed two supplemental bills, sending them to Gov. Whitmer for her expected signature. HB 4292 appropriates $615.6 million, including $339.8 million for the Fiscal Year (FY) 2023 budget that ended Sept. 30, and $275.8 million for the FY 2024 budget. A significant amount of that funding was set aside for road and bridge construction ($234.1 million); debt relief for six school districts ($114.1 million); and $30 million to replace water service lines, reduce water loss, and replace meters in Highland Park. SB 174 provides $20 million for School Aid Funding (SAF) reimbursements for special education in the FY 2023 budget and millions more in the FY 2024 budget for education.

On Nov. 7, House Representatives Kevin Colemen (D-Westland) and Lori Stone (D-Warren) won their respective mayoral races. This creates a 54-54 party split in the House until Gov. Whitmer calls for special elections to fill the House seats.

The House passed HB 4368 and HB 5099-5102, which would provide for a non-refundable tax credit for businesses that conduct eligible research and development in Michigan.

House-passed resolution HCR 10 established Nov. 9 as the chamber’s last day in session until the sine die session on Nov. 14. No vote is taken and Representatives do not need to be present Nov. 14. The Senate will officially adjourn for the year following an 11:45 a.m. session on Nov. 14.

For complete details with links to the legislation, click here for November 2023 Karoub Report.