Michigan Association of Police


“As soon as we signed the contract we got a 3 percent pay increase from the last year,” said Joe Sparks, Green Oak Township Patrol Officers Local Union President. “We received either $2,000 (individual) or $4,000 (family) contributions into our healthcare spending accounts. We did get the 12-hour shifts. That was our members’ number one request. The guys wanted it for a number of different reasons, like more time to spend with family and more days off. Overall, there are more hours worked yearly, but not as many consecutive days spent at work. Rather than work short days, we get paid for the extra hours worked.”

Wage Increases:
3% increase effective February 2023.
3% increase effective April 1, 2023.
3% increase effective April 1, 2024.
3% increase effective April 1, 2025.
3% increase effective April 1, 2026.

Manning & Safety: Employees transitioned from an 8-hour to 12-hour shift schedule.

Retirement: Beginning April 2026, the Employer will match 100% up to $5,000 per Employee contribution into a 457 Voluntary Supplemental Retirement plan. Upon successful passage of the millage renewal in 2024, the parties agree to a 457 matching contribution Re-opener to include the 2024 and 2025 contract years.

Bargaining Team: MAP Labor Relations Specialist Chad Trussler with Local Union President Joe Sparks, Vice President Brittany Besso and Secretary David Vaseloff.