Michigan Association of Police

Expert, specialized legal representation is an essential service element for any public safety professional union in the modern era. Complex laws govern the relationship between employees and their employers. Many of these are established to protect the rights of the employees. Importantly, the protection afforded by law is only as effective as a union's legal talent makes it.

Special Counsel


Because of the very nature of their duties, law enforcement officers are at serious risk of becoming the subjects of several types of litigation, which do not affect persons in other professions. Therefore, the immediate availabiility of legal representation for non-labor matters is a vital facet of MAP's professional services. 

Attorneys Arthur Weiss and John Goldpaugh are retained by MAP as specialists in matters involving shootings and chases. Each has maintained a general law practice, with a concentration in criminal law, for years. Art Weiss has considerable experience representing officers in a variety of types of cases. Similarly, John Goldpaugh has represented Detroit Police Officers in shooting situations for over 20 years.