Michigan Association of Police

Professional lobbyists provide members with a voice

Law enforcement officers have more of a stake in which laws are passed, and which are not, than virtually any other class of professionals. They are, for example, directly concerned with legislation that:

  • Helps them do their jobs more effectively.
  • Protects them from unwarranted vulnerability to legal proceedings against them.
  • Grants them workers' rights, both as individual employees and as union members.

No law enforcement union can properly represent its members without maintaining close and effective working contacts with lawmakers. No law enforcement union anywhere is more influential or respected in the political arena than MAP.

Karoub and Associates, a highly regarded legislative liaison organization, represents MAP in both Lansing, Michigan and Washington D.C. MAP is joined with the Police Officers Labor Council, Detroit Police Officers Association, Detroit Lieutenants & Sergeants Association, Michigan State Police Troopers Association, Michigan State Police Command Officers Association, Warren Police Officers Association, and the Flint Police Officers Association in the largest police legislative coalition in the state. As a result, members wield considerable influence in the State Legislature and U.S. Congress.