Michigan Association of Police

Business Agent

Jerald James has represented public sector workers for over two decades serving paramedics and emergency medical technicians (EMT's) for the City of Detroit Emergency Medical Services. His union career track began in 1995 as Union Steward with International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE) for 8 years. He's been committed to public service since graduating high school in 1988, becoming a licensed Paramedic/EMT in 1989 and was hired by the City of Detroit in 1991. He became EMS Officers Association (EMSOA) Local President in 2003, after being promoted to Lieutenant, and several years later Captain. He was promoted to EMS Superintendent in 2010, the highest position in the organization, where he remained until 2014, when he voluntarily stepped down to his prior position of Captain while taking on the duties of President of EMSOA again. James was instrumental in affiliating the local association with MAFF. After 25 years of dedicated public service, he retired in 2016 and was subsequently hired full time by MAP/MAFF/MAPE, representing over 25 bargaining units comprised of public and private sector employees. He made history, leading the way to the largest settlement with the City of Detroit EMS, a $220,000 pay increase for newly hired Paramedics. In fact, James been instrumental in recovering over $400,000 in lost wages and benefits for members. From Employee to supervisor to high-ranking administrator, he has unique insight into contract negotiations and enforcement, grievances and grievance arbitrations, mediation, employee rights, the Michigan Public Employee Relations Act, and the National Labor Relations Act. He’s worked with or across the table from some of the largest labor unions in Southeast Michigan and served on both sides of the table bargaining during the City of Detroit Bankruptcy. James graduated from Eastern Michigan University Fire Staff and Command Academy.

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