Michigan Association of Police

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Ricky Day has served as MAP Executive Board Secretary since 2013 and has been an active Union member over three decades, even helping his Local to organize.

At 72, he’s been a Henry Ford Hospital Security (HFHS) Officer for 46 years, retiring from full-time work in recent years and continuing to work as a part-time HFHS Officer. He became certified as a Field Training Officer through Macomb Community College’s Criminal Justice Training Center in 2010 and continues to serve his department as an FTO. He’s also worked as a Freeze Plus P (Mace) Instructor.

“I was recommended to seek the position of MAP Executive Board Secretary due to my loyalty and dedication to my Local and to MAP,” Day said. “I enjoy assisting with the advancement and quality of the work life of members.”

Day, along with former HFHS Security Officer Gregory Boycott, organized Henry Ford Hospital Police Officers Association 33 years ago. He served 18 years on the Local Union Board as: Chief Steward for six years, President for 10 years, and Vice President and Alternate Shift Steward for one year in each position.  He also represented his Local members on the Employer’s Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Grievance Board for 10 additional years. In his 28 years representing Local members, he’s acquired a vast array of labor relations experience including contract negotiations, filing grievances, mediation and Unfair Labor Practice charges.

Outside of work, he successfully completed Wayne State University’s (WSU) College of Urban, Labor and Metropolitan Affairs Labor Studies Center program and WSU Labor Studies courses in: Investigating, Presenting and Writing Grievances; Arbitration Preparation; Your Rights in the Workplace Series; Collective Bargaining; and Costing-Out The Contract. Day increased his labor knowledge by completing MAP’s Police Collective Bargaining Seminar in 2023 and Grievance Seminar on Discipline & Contract Interpretation in 2023 and in 2012. 

Prior to HFHS, he served as a Pontiac General Hospital Security Officer for three years, an Oakland County Security Division Officer, a Detroit Police Reserves Officer and Sinai Hospital Security Officer.

As an Executive Board member, Day said he’s focused on “ensuring that we will educate each bargaining unit’s local leadership on how to interpret and police their CBA, their rights as stewards, and filing grievances. It is equally as important that MAP instructs members how-to prepare for collective bargaining and negotiate.”

He’s excited to share the newly redesigned MAP website featuring a Members Only section which allows members to login to access Union documents and videos, and a Homepage that features quick links for easy access to other important information.

“It’s important that through the MAP website, we keep all of our bargaining units well informed of everything we do representing the members’ best interests,” Day said.