Michigan Association of Police

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Christopher Franco had only been a MAP member for about nine months when he was elected as MAP Executive Board Treasurer Dec. 8, 2023.

“I was a major voice to move over to MAP. I want to gain as much knowledge as possible that will benefit our membership,” Franco said. “Joining the Executive Board will only help us.”

The 44-year-old Allen Park Patrol Officer jumped right into representation, getting involved in the group's first MAP-represented contract negotiations. Elected to the Allen Park Police Officers Association Board first as the Secretary/Treasurer in May 2022, he served in the dual position for seven months before being elected as the Local Union President in January 2023.

With Allen Park Police Department the past 10 years, he’s been working as a K9 Officer since 2016. He also serves his department as a Field Training Officer, Firearms Instructor and Armorer. Franco was a Detroit Police Officer from 2009-2013 and an Officer for the City of Wayne for one year before joining Allen Park PD.

He’s opposed to multi-tier systems and believes all departments should treat their Employees fairly when it comes to benefits. “I’ve always been big on transparency and fairness,” he said. “I feel they go hand in hand. Any officer, from the newest to the most senior, should have the same understanding of the contract. Nothing should be hidden. I want everyone (in a department) to share the same benefits, or as close to as possible.”

Franco sees MAP as essential to forging a partnership with management that will benefit Employees while strengthening their departments.

“The relationships with the Officers, City Administration and Command shouldn’t be a fight,” Franco said. “A good relationship with all will go a long way.”