Michigan Association of Police

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Newly appointed MAP Executive Board President Rob Ginther has been involved in unions throughout his career and he’s been influenced by the labor movement from a young age.

Photo by Dee Pietila
Beverly Hills Public Safety Lt. Rob Ginther was appointed MAP Executive Board President in September 2023.

“My union background in the Detroit area has been throughout my entire life. I come from union household,” he said. “My father (Ronald Ginther) was a Steward for lnternational Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local 58, and my grandfather (Leo Ginther) was a member of the United Auto Workers, Local 681. Even when I was in high school, I worked part-time in a warehouse that was a union shop with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 299, so I’ve just always been drawn to the labor movement.”

Ginther, a Beverly Hills Public Safety Lieutenant, was serving as MAP Executive Board Treasurer before his appointment to President in September 2023, followed by his election as President during the Dec. 8, 2023 MAP Executive Board meeting.

“At the Sept. 11th Executive Officers meeting for MAP, board officers appointed Rob pursuant to the bylaws to fill the vacancy of President that was created when former President Mike Hawkins of Trenton Police resigned to accept the position of Chief of Police of Trenton,” said Fred Timpner, MAP Executive Director.

“I’m humbled by the confidence and support of the other Executive Board members in this appointment and excited about the new role,” Ginther said. “I accepted the appointment with the intention of running this December for a full term to assist in managing MAP’s growth along with some expansion in technology, such as updating our on-line presence and getting other similar projects done.”

Hawkins, a former Trenton Police Lieutenant, resigned from the Board in May 2023 as well as his position representing MAP as a Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) Commissioner for a term expiring Dec. 31, 2025. “We wish to take this opportunity to thank Mike Hawkins for his years of service to the Union. (MAP Labor Relations Specialist) Chad Trussler will be assuming the position of MAP’s representative to MCOLES,” Timpner said, following Trussler’s anticipated appointment by the Governor this fall.

Ginther also serves as President of Beverly Hills Lieutenants and Sergeants Association. A MAP member since 2017, he was elected to the Local Board Vice President’s position the same year, serving in that role until Chad Trussler retired from the department and became a full-time MAP Labor Relations Specialist in 2020.

“I‘ve held previous union positions prior to me coming to Beverly Hills … but that was, as they used to say on the Tonight Show, … with another network,” he said.

Prior to being hired by Beverly Hills Public Safety, Ginther was with Berkley Public Safety for 12 years, where he served as the Local Patrol Union Treasurer for five years and President for four years. Ginther served as a Berkley Public Safety Officer, Reserve Officer Coordinator, Range Officer, EMS Coordinator and the Public Safety Officers representative on the Pension Board.

He took a deferred pension and retired from Berkley, joining Beverly Hills DPS as a Public Safety Officer in 2008. The 53-year-old has also served as a Beverly Hills Public Safety Detective, Sergeant, and was promoted to Lieutenant in 2021. In addition to his responsibilities supervising both midnight platoons on 12-hour shifts, he is the Fire Marshal/EMS Coordinator and a Range Officer.

“I have been a member of three different police unions and have found MAP to be the best towards relationships and bridge building and I wanted to be a part of expanding that process,” he said.

During a time of growth and change for the Union, Ginther is looking toward long-term goals. “I believe that we need to continue preserving the solid relationships with our groups and am looking down the road on how to expand the strong networking potential that has been put in place over the years by Fred Timpner,” he said. “Having those positive relationships translates into effective representation for our members with their Employers, and maintaining all of that without losing our personal touch, as we go through a period of growth is paramount.”

A graduate of OCC’s Police Academy, Fire Academy and EMS Academy, he has established several endowed scholarships on behalf of the Ginther family for OCC students working toward achieving their educational goals in public service.