Business Agent

Joseph O’Connor retired from the Sterling Heights Police Department after 31 years of service, spending 17 years as a dues-paying MAP member. Prior to being promoted to Sergeant, he served 8 years as Grievance Committee Chairman for Sterling Heights Police Officers Association. O’Connor reviewed all complaints with the goal of resolving issues at the lowest level possible in the grievance process. While serving as Grievance Committee Chairman, he attended several seminars and training sessions dealing with internal affairs investigations, enhancing service to members. As a member of the contract negotiation team for Sterling Heights Police Officers Association, he was instrumental in settling multi-year collective bargaining agreements. His vast knowledge representing members during discipline hearings and contract negotiations is invaluable. O’Connor’s wealth of union experience extends into his personal life, growing up the son of a United Auto Workers (UAW) Committeeman. By age 10, he began attending UAW meetings with his father. It’s this kind of influence, experience and background that guides O’Connor to use a diplomatic approach when striving to resolve issues.

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