With the impending transition to newly elected leaders, state legislators are addressing a number of topics in the lame duck session; leadership appointments are being made; and topics such as energy reform, clean water in Flint and a plan to tackle lead exposure are all discussed in the Nov. 21, 2016 Karoub Report.

Republicans kept control of the Michigan House and Supreme Court and have a majority in the U.S. House to go along with newly-elected Republican President Donald Trump. Karoub Associates details elections results in the Nov. 9, 2016 Karoub Report.

Karoub Associates, the legislative representatives for Michigan Association of Police (MAP) and Michigan Association of Police Organizations (MAPO), is seeking the passage of SB 218, a bill to provide continued, comparable health care coverage to the surviving spouse and dependents of a public safety officer killed in the line of duty. The bill would also extend those benefits to a public safety officer, their spouse and dependents if the public safety officer becomes permanently disabled on the job. To read the memo from Karoub Associates to the legislature, click here.

By Attorney John Goldpaugh

False or inaccurate information cannot be used against a law enforcement officer in subsequent criminal proceedings, according to a recent ruling by the Michigan Supreme Court.

The Court based the 5-2 decision on the Disclosures by Law Enforcement Officers Act (DLEOA) and went on to say: “To hold otherwise would defeat the Legislature’s stated intent to preclude the use of ‘any information.’”

The June 22, 2016 ruling was made in the People of the State of Michigan vs. Nevin Hughes case, involving Detroit Police Officer Nevin Hughes. Hughes was represented by Attorney John Goldpaugh in his appeal. The case stemmed from charges of obstruction of justice, misconduct in office, and assault and battery, against Officer Hughes (and other officers with respect to the obstruction of justice charge) arising out of a 2009 incident.

Officer Hughes and other officers made statements during an internal investigation by the Office of the Chief Investigator. All three officers were given their Garrity rights and subsequently, departmental charges were filed against Officer Hughes.

Once departmental charges had been addressed, Internal Affairs began a criminal investigation and a warrant was obtained against Hughes and the other two officers. The sole basis for the obstruction of justice charge was the alleged false statements given under Garrity to the Office of the Chief Investigator, according to the People. The district court bound Officer Hughes over on the misconduct in office and assault and battery charges during the preliminary examination and dismissed the obstruction of justice charges against him and the other officers.

Michigan Commission on Law Enforcement Standards (MCOLES) has issued a comparison chart on law enforcement population trends spanning the years of 2001 to current. The number of jobs and the number of individuals applying for positions continues to decline from 23,150 positions and 22,488 officers in 2001 to 19,061 jobs and 18,460 officers by January 2016.  Please click here for the chart.