"Contracts traditionally in the past had a ton of gray language. With this contract that gray language was really focused on and addressed and removed which is really, really critical," said Association President Clint Pace. "With all the contracts I've read and dealt with language wise this is really a good contract. The Chief definitely deserves credit for being reasonable and making sure the contract is fair and equitable." Pace noted significant changes in the contract: "Field Training Officers, in previous contracts, got no paid benefit in addition to their regularly hourly rate. Now with the new contract you get compensated for every training day," and, he said, "We were working 12-hour shifts, but our (personal and sick time) benefits reflected an 8-hour shift. What I negotiated in this contact, your current shift matches your benefits. Before, if you took a day off or called in sick for a day you were charged 12 hours but you only accrued eight hours."

Contract Duration: 4-year agreement ratified 11-25-13 and effective 7-1-13 to 6-30-17.
Wage Increases:
0% increase effective July 1, 2013.
3% increase effective July 1, 2014.
3% increase effective July 1, 2015.
3% increase effective July 1, 2016.
• Employees receive a one-time $700 signing bonus within 30 days of the execution of the contract.

Waterford Grievance Arbitration Decisions

The Arbitrator agreed with the Waterford Police Officers' Association and MAP by stating the past practice of paying FTOs a daily overtime rate of 1.5 hours per 10 hour shift of training new officers could not be unilaterally changed without the benefit of union input.

Appearances before the Arbitrator included Fred Timpner, Executive Director of MAP and Officers Himmelspach, Taylor, Foley and Biggs. After hearing testimony, Arbitrator Anne Patton agreed with the Union's position that the Township violated the Maintenance of Conditions clause of the contract by reducing the FTO's rate of compensation. The practice was clear and consistent and remained unchanged for seven years before an attempt was made to reduce the benefit.

In another grievance, Arbitrator Joseph Girolamo agreed with MAP's position that overtime had to be paid to officers who proctored a written examination for new hire police candidates. The Chief hand picked officers to observe the examination process and be available to answer any questions from the candidates. By doing so, he failed to abide by the equalization of overtime procedure. Arbitrator Girolamo ruled that overtime must be paid to the officer who was passed over when the invitation went out for the detail.

These are examples of how MAP stands ready to protect the rights of its members. These cases show how each and every member is important to us.