“We received a 12% pay increase,” said William Brewster, Beverly Hills Public Safety Officers Local Union President. “We eliminated a two-tier Vacation program … which gave Officers more steps and more hours. Now, Officers receive 96 hours of Paid Vacation Time after one year of service, and after 20 years, they receive 200 hours. We increased the Employer’s portion to the Defined Contribution pension by 1.5% through the duration of the contract. It’s half of a percent increase for every year of the contract. At the sunset of this contract, the Village will be contributing 13.5%. We took no concessions on this contract. We actually added strong disciplinary language. We added strong promotion language and transfer language. We never had any discipline language or Weingarten language. We established a procedure for promotions and transfers. The department has to notify the Member and Association within 90 days of finding out that a Member will be disciplined more than just a verbal discipline and the Association has to be given information regarding the investigation. When Members separate from the department in good standing, Officers receive their full Comp Time bank, half of their Sick Time bank, and all of their Furlough Time bank. There was no language about this in the prior agreement. It was subject to management decision. We have a really nice, strong contract now. We’re being competitive in the current market with recruitment and retention. The pay increases are definitely a big external factor and so are the improvements in the language for Association protections within the contract. The newer Officers didn’t receive as much Furlough Time as more senior Officers (over the course of their career). Now Officers receive more steps and more Furlough Time, which is popular for recruitment.”

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified February 2023 and effective July 1, 2023 to June 30, 2026.

Wage Increases:
5% increase effective July 1, 2023.
4% increase effective July 1, 2024.
3% increase effective July 1, 2025.

Fringe Benefits: Vacation Time was expanded with two additional steps and more total Paid Vacation hours. After one year of service, Officers receive 96 hours of Paid Vacation Time. Instead of the previous four steps in accrued Vacation Time, there are now six steps. Vacation Time tops out at 200 hours after 20 years of service. When Employees separate from the department in good standing, they receive their full Compensatory Time bank, half of their Sick Time bank, and all of their Furlough Time bank. Previously, the amount of paid time given to Employees from these banks was subject to management decision on a case by case basis. Furlough Time was increased and there are additional steps in paid Furlough Time. In the prior contract, newer Officers were limited to less Furlough Time hours over the course of their career in comparison to senior Officers. Officers working midnights now receive Shift Premiums of 2% of their wages. Officers working in the Detective Bureau now receive Bureau Premiums of 2% of their wages.

Retirement: The Employer’s contribution to the Defined Contribution pension increased by 1.5% through the duration of the contract. The Employer’s contribution increases by .5% each year of the agreement, bringing the Village’s total contribution to 13.5% by July 1, 2025.

Manning & Safety: Strong disciplinary language, promotion language and transfer language was added to the agreement. The prior contract did not include disciplinary language, acknowledgement of Weingarten rights, or established procedures for promotions and transfers. Promotions must now involve a written and oral board process. The Employee and Local Union must be notified by the Employer within 90 days of any alleged incident occurring that involves disciplinary action beyond a verbal discipline. The Employer must also provide the Local Union with information regarding the disciplinary investigation. There is now an established procedure for transferring Employees from Patrol to the Detective Bureau which is based on seniority, interviews and resumes.

Bargaining Team: MAP Labor Relations Specialist Chad Trussler with Local Union President William Brewster, Vice President Tanner Lawson and Secretary/Treasurer James Balagna.