“I believe the increases in wages and the tuition bonuses for those that came in with a degree are the biggest takeaways,” said MAP Labor Relations Specialist Gregg Allen. “I think there were several Employees who have degrees and would benefit from the annual bonuses.”

“The best part of the contract is probably the education incentives because a lot of people have either been looking to go back to school or already have completed degrees,” said Ashley Obodzinski, SERESA Dispatchers Local Union President . “We don’t technically need a degree, so they’re … not being compensated at all. Our director is really big on furthering your education. He always gives us the opportunity to sit in with him and learn more and really pushes education, so his say on that played a big part in the decision the board made. They’re now letting supervisors cover part of the Overtime, so we’re not burning out Dispatchers for Overtime every day. If you’re forced (into Overtime) more than 12 hours within a 7-day work period, (the new contract) says Dispatchers receive credit for double those hours for any OT hours (beyond) 12 hours in that rolling week. Whoever has the lowest hours gets the forced Overtime. Everyone wants off the holidays, but with this type of job it’s just not going to work like that.”

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified Oct. 12, 2022 and effective 7-1-22 to 6-30-25.

Wage Increases:
2% increase effective July 1, 2022.
4% increase effective July 1, 2023.
4% increase effective July 1, 2024.

Manning & Safety: Employees shall be compensated a minimum of 2 hours at 1-1/2 times their regular pay for any work-related court appearance. Since low staffing levels require regular Overtime (OT), Employees now receive double credit for OT worked in excess of 12-hours in a 7-day work week. Mandatory OT is assigned to Employees with the least amount of OT. There is a larger amount of mandatory double OT in December because many Employees take time off over the holidays. Therefore, mandatory double OT hours worked in December are carried over into the January OT calculation for hours credited.

Fringe Benefits: New professional development benefits were added effective July 1, 2022 as follows - Employees are eligible for reimbursement of 50% of tuition for up to 4 work-related college courses within a fiscal year and up to $100 reimbursement for a non-credit course per fiscal year. Additionally, full-time Employees with an associate’s degree in a related field of work will be paid a $250 annual stipend. Full-time Employees with a bachelor’s degree in a work-related field will receive a $500 stipend per year. Full-timers with a bachelor’s degree in a non-related field of work will be paid a $250 annual stipend.

Retirement: Increase the Employer contribution to the Defined Contribution (DC) Plan from 10% to 11% for Employees with 8 or more years of service.

Bargaining Team: MAP Labor Relations Specialists Chad Trussler and Gregg Allen with Former Local Union President Melanie Pasco, Current President Ashley Obodzinski, Vice President Allison Mowbray and Secretary Shannon Ross.