By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

A reputation for great communication motivated Melvindale Police Command to make a change from their longtime former union representation to the Michigan Association of Police (MAP).

The Sergeants and Lieutenants group had been with the Police Officers Labor Council (POLC) for more than 15 years before they voted to become MAP members in May. They decided to find out more about MAP after hearing positive feedback from Melvindale Patrol, who left Police Officers Association of Michigan (POAM) to join MAP in 2018.

Melvindale Police Lt. Dan Jones said Command really took notice of the positive relationship between Patrol Officers and MAP Representatives.

“They wanted different representation and they wanted a new look,” said MAP Labor Relations Specialist Chad Trussler.

“MAP had taken over POAM for Patrol and we really liked your guys interaction with Patrol,” Lt. Jones said. “I met Chad through Staff and Command (school at Eastern Michigan University) and we decided to take a look at MAP and liked what you presented - what you said you would do. It just seemed like your guys were motivated to work with us.”

The five-member unit’s existing contract isn’t set to expire until Dec. 31, 2020, so while they remain under POLC contract, MAP will now serve as their contact for any concern, representing them going into contract talks later this year.

“The main thing is obviously monetary and the benefits package,” Lt. Jones said of the next contract. “It’s been pretty stagnant. We got raises because we restructured the entire department and we eliminated positions, but the City is in some serious financial distress.”

With all the uncertainties due to the pandemic, Melvindale Command has chosen MAP to help them navigate unchartered territory with open communication.