New Members: Former affiliation with Police Officers Association of Michigan.
Contract Duration: 5-year agreement ratified in May 2014 and effective 7-1-12 to 6-30-17.
Wage Increases:
0% increase effective July 1, 2012.
0% increase effective July 1, 2013.
2% increase effective July 1, 2014.
2% increase effective July 1, 2015.
2% increase effective July 1, 2016.

Shift pay: Contract solidifies 12-hour shift and clarifies payment for a 12-hour day.
Retirement: Employees retiring with full age and service requirements and their spouses will receive same medical coverage as active employees until eligible for Medicare, at which time the City will only provide supplemental coverage, which combined with Medicare shall be "substantially equivalent" to active Employees' health care coverage. Retirees must contribute $100 a month to health care premium. Employees hired after May 15, 2014 are not eligible for medical coverage at retirement, but will receive a Defined Benefit Plan with a 1% City contribution and mandatory 4% before tax Employee contribution.
Health Insurance: Employees pay 20% of annual premium. Health insurance reopened for negotiations if requested by either Employer or Union. If Employer changes health care carriers, insurance must be "substantially equivalent" as applied to co-pays, deductibles, co-insurance, provider networks and schedule of benefits. Currently City provides Alliance Health PPO and reimburses Employees the in-network deductible and prescription co-pays through a third party administrator. Employees opting out from medical coverage will receive $240 per month instead of $300 per month.
Fringe Benefits: Employees have the option to use vacation time in four, eight or twelve hour blocks. After Jan. 1, 2015, Holiday Pay will no longer include Employee's birthday. Instead, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day was added as a new holiday. Shift differential increased from .35 cents per hour for afternoons to .55 cents per hour. Uniform allowance increase from $650 to $700 lump sum payment annually. All Employees hired after execution date of contract shall receive a clothing allowance only, but no cleaning allowance.
Bargaining Team: Labor Relations Specialist Fred Timpner, Association President Craig Natt and Association Treasurer Jerry Page.