By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

A Melvindale Police Officer was awarded back pay and benefits and all references to discipline were removed from his employment file after Michigan Association of Police (MAP) filed a grievance on his behalf and won.

The Grievant, another Melvindale Officer he was training, and a Sergeant responded to a domestic disturbance call Feb. 1, 2019 involving an intoxicated man arguing with a homeowner inside a Clarann Avenue residence. After some discussion, officers encouraged the intoxicated man to return to his bedroom in the home’s basement and sleep it off, but the man did not comply.

Initially, officers decided to administer a PBT test to determine if the level of alcohol in his system required a hospital transport. The man refused to cooperate. With the Sergeant’s help, Grievant attempted to administer the test three times, but due to the man’s shortness of breath, those attempts were unsuccessful.

The homeowner asked to have the man removed, but the Grievant told the homeowner police have no jurisdiction to evict him and he should go to court to get an eviction order. Officers asked the intoxicated man to leave voluntarily and he asked to go his girlfriend’s home. However, police refused transport when the homeowner said the man was at her home earlier that day and police were called. Officers offered to take him to a motel, but he said he had no money.


“Immediately upon ratification, they shall receive a wage increase of 50 cents an hour for the whole unit. After Jan. 1, 2021, the base rates went up 30 cents an hour for new hires,” said MAP Labor Relations Specialist Jim Steffes. “There’s a reduction in how long it takes to get on the merit system. It used to be 30 months. Everybody over 6 months is eligible for a merit raise every year. Paul Vaughn, the (Local Union) President, is going to oversee the scheduling of Overtime so its equalized as best as possible according to the language we got added. Vacation, Sick and Personal time will be counted as hours worked so you can reach your 40 hours sooner for Overtime pay. We have increases for shift premiums and we also got language added that shift premiums will be included in all Overtime calculations. They used to receive 8 hours of Additional Floating Holiday Pay, now they’re getting 16. It’s two days extra pay, and it gives them that pay right before the Christmas holiday,” and Steffes said, “If you have leftover Vacation days, you can cash them out.”

Contract Duration: 3-1/2-year agreement ratified March 19, 2019 and effective March 1, 2019 to Dec. 31, 2022.

Wage Increases:
.50 increase effective March 1, 2019 for all Employees.
Increase based on Merit System effective Jan. 1, 2020 for all Employees.
Increase based on Merit System effective Jan. 1, 2021 for eligible Employees.
Increase based on Merit System effective Jan. 1, 2022 for eligible Employees.
$.30 increase for New Hires base pay effective Jan. 1, 2021.
$.25 increase for New Hires upon completion of probation.
$.20 increase for New Hires at 1 year of service.
$.30 increase for New Hires at 2 years of service.

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Melvindale Patrol Officers hadn’t been getting the help they desired from their former Union in recent years. When they heard about MAP’s responsiveness with area departments, they felt confident MAP would stand up for them when they needed help.

“About a year or so ago, I started calling around to other unions and realized there was an open enrollment period we had to wait for so when that came up this year we went for it,” said Melvindale Patrol local union President John Thompson. “We had other unions come in and they had a lot of bells and whistles, but MAP gave us an intelligent well-spoken thought out reason of why they would be a good fit for us. We talked to officers (represented by MAP), like Sterling Heights and St. Clair Shores, and they were really positive and really sold it to us.”

By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Renaissance Police Officers Association (RPOA) Employees were MAP members for 30 years when they decided to part ways with the Union in 2014 and opted to represent themselves instead. But drastic reductions in their benefits and a ‘don’t ask’ mentality led them to return to MAP this year.

“RPOA were members when MAP was formed in 1984,” said MAP Executive Director Fred Timpner.

MAP officially welcomed back RPOA when they joined the Union in July 2018, but MAP went to work for them two months prior as soon as they received a call from their new local union President Jessica Mitchell. By then the former president and vice president had already been through contract negotiations and the final last best offers had been submitted.

Mitchell became local union president in May and immediately called Timpner. “He started helping me on the side when we didn’t have anybody,’ she said. “Fred said, ‘Whether you all vote me in or not, I’m going to help you.’”

An overwhelming majority of the 90-plus member group voted in support of MAP.


“The increase in shift premiums for them was huge. They had been at the same shift premiums for years and they were actually paid less than the sitters for mental health patients,” said MAP Labor Relations Specialist Jerald James. “Prior to this contract you had certain individuals who would work every holiday for that year. We got the Employer to agree to rotate holidays so no one individual is stuck working every holiday. We had some guys that worked every Christmas, every Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, the way they scheduled it was just based on seniority. The tuition reimbursement went up $500 annually. It went up to $2,000. They agreed to insert a meditation component (into the contract). Prior to that we didn’t have language that afforded mediation. You could just file a grievance and you went to arbitration or you didn’t. This is a step prior to arbitration. I haven’t had an Employer turn it down yet.”

“Everybody was happy with what we got because we didn’t think we were going to get what we got. They were pleased with the signing bonuses and shift premiums,” said Bill Harris, McLaren Macomb Hospital Security Chief Steward. “You can sell 80 hours of PTO and get that money back and they changed it to twice a year for (up to) 40 hours. There’s always give and take and we did pretty good. We had 17 members who all voted and we had no no votes.”

Contract Duration: 3-year agreement ratified Dec. 15, 2017 and effective Jan. 1, 2018 to Dec. 31, 2020.
Wage Increases: Each Full-time Employee received a $1,200 signing bonus upon ratification of the contract and part-time Employees each received $600 signing bonuses.
2% increase at the top rate of pay effective Jan. 1, 2019.
$.75 to $1 afternoon shift premium increase effective Jan. 1, 2018.
$.80 to $1.25 midnight shift premium increase effective Jan. 1, 2018.
$1 to $1.25 afternoon shift premium increase effective Jan. 1, 2019.
$1.25 to $1.45 midnight shift premium increase effective Jan. 1, 2019.