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By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor

Mike Hawkins has spent most of his career as a MAP member and representative, so it seemed a natural fit to take over as the new MAP Executive Board President when former President Rich Heins announced his retirement in December.

“Rich Heins did a great job,” Hawkins said. “When there was a vacancy and Fred reached out to see if I was interested, I felt I served enough time on the current board to step up and help out.”

A Trenton Police Lieutenant and member of Trenton Inspectors and Lieutenants Association, Hawkins began his law enforcement career at Gibraltar Police in 2000. He joined Trenton Police in 2001, becoming a K9 Officer and serving as local police union President for 10 years. He was voted onto MAP’s Executive Board in 2011, taking over the Treasurer’s position when a co-worker retired. He was later voted Executive Board Vice President.

“I replaced Rich Lyons when he was getting ready to retire. He was the Treasurer of MAP,” Hawkins said. “We (Trenton Police, Inspectors and Lieutenants) have been with MAP for as long as I’ve been here, and I’ve been here for 18 years.”

He’s felt honored to fill vacancies on the Executive Board, given all the Union has done for him and his co-workers. “When we went to the Defined Contribution pension system, MAP was a big part of helping us get back into the (Employer paid) pension,” Hawkins said. “We went from Defined Contribution to Defined Benefit and we were one of the only departments in the nation that went back into the pension system through our negotiations.”

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2018 MAP Executive Board President Rich Heins and his K9 Chase were recently recognized during a retirement ceremony for Chase, a 10-year veteran of the Sterling Heights Police Department.

Heins, a Sterling Heights Police K9 Officer, and Chase received several gifts and awards during the ceremony. Heins' committment to the K9 program was also recognized by police officials with the K-9 training field at Baumgartner Park being renamed Heins Field.

Click here to read the C&G Newspapers article about Officer Heins and his K9 Chase.

Photo By Jennifer Gomori, MAP Editor                                                                        Michigan Association of Police (MAP) Executive Board recently elected board officers (from left) Treasurer Al Knapp of Waterford POA, Secretary Richard Day of Henry Ford Hospital, President Mike Hawkins of Trenton Inspectors & Lieutenants Association,and Vice President Mike Kunath of Sterling Heights POA. The board officers were elected to one-year terms in December 2018.

The Michigan Association of Police Executive Board Members

Executive Officers


Michael Hawkins

Trenton Inspectors & Lieutenants Association, 2872 W. Jefferson, Trenton MI 48183


Vice President:

Mike Kunath

Sterling Heights Police Department, 40333 Dodge Park Road, Sterling Heights MI 48313


Ricky Day

Henry Ford Hospital, 2799 West Grand Blvd, Detroit MI 48202


Al Knapp

Waterford Township Police Department, 5150 Civic Center Dr., Waterford MI 48329


Executive Director:

Fred Timpner
Michigan Association of Police
667 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 109, Troy, MI 48083

Executive Administrator:

Julie Palmquist
Michigan Association of Police
667 E. Big Beaver Rd., Suite 109, Troy, MI 48083