"It's nearly impossible to overstate the importance of the work Michigan's law enforcement does each day to ensure that our families and loved ones are safe. This memorial will serve to remind us of the sacrifices of those officers who died making Michigan a better, safer place to live."

- Governor Jennifer M. Granholm
April 11, 2005



The Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument is an opportunity to recognize, honor, and respect the ultimate sacrifice made by our brothers and sisters in law enforcement.

The Memorial is intended to provide a place to gather and pay tribute to those who have given their lives. The Memorial honors their courage, dedication, and unwavering commitment to preserving our safety and, ultimately, our way of life.

The Memorial serves to remind all of us that police officers stand guard over the ordinary business of our daily lives, protecting us from all forms of danger, whether apparent or not. Sometimes their service may seem routine. It is not. We will never forget those who gave their lives protecting us.

Your donation to the endowment of this Memorial will continue the healing process for loved ones, friends, coworkers, and others whose lives were immeasurably strengthened by these sacrifices.

The purpose of the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is:

  • To honor the officers who gave their lives;
  • To serve as a reminder of the nobility of this calling; and
  • To create a place of reflection and healing for those affected by the sudden and unexpected loss of life.

The philosophy supporting the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is:

Michigan citizens, who have given their lives in the law enforcement line of duty, are due this special recognition for their sacrifice. The Memorial is intended to empower and motivate survivors, active law enforcement officers, and citizens alike, though an unspoken message that celebrates the quiet strength, courage, humanity and compassion of this noble calling.

Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument Fund Donations

Donate by credit card online at the Michigan Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Monument donation page and click on "Donate Today".

To make a donation offline by credit card, please call (517) 241-4083. Send checks or money orders to:

Michigan Department of Technology, Management and Budget
Financial Services, Cashiering Unit
Law Enforcement Memorial
P.O. Box 30681
Lansing MI 48909-8181